Monday, January 24, 2011

Archangel Michael - A New Time Of Self Action


Dearest beloveds who carry the light on the planet Earth!  This is a time when many of the old ways of handling life will be with drawn.  It is a cleaning up time.  You will feel the need to clean up old projects.  Perhaps you will want to paint your rooms or your house and to dispose of all things that you do not use.  You will not need to keep items given to you by others; you can find a new home for these keepsakes. 

So what is different about this time?  Now, just as you will make others accountable for their actions, you will be accountable for your actions.  Have you heard the phrase, “It is your karma, not mine!”, when someone does something not in the highest good of all concerned?

This means that you will be working with yourself – all your actions are yours and yours alone.  That phrase “It’s not my fault!” does not cut it anymore.  If you were involved in the situation, then you are part of the action, and it IS your fault or your karma.  Remember, that doing nothing is also an action.  The new way of acting is to only act in the affairs of others if given permission to do so.  Issues have been created where there should be none because someone has interfered without having permission to do so. 

It can not be stressed enough – even though you may be of the light, and have the highest connections and intentions, unless you are given permission by the person(s) involved, you are committing an aggressive act.  If you ask them for permission and they say “no” and you do it anyway, then you have acted in judgement and ego.  This is a time for letting go of all judgement and ego and for simply accepting.

A good test for determining action – does this action serve my purpose or does this action serve the highest good? 

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