Friday, January 7, 2011

Archangel Michael–Angels Hold The Earth


This is a time of holding and revering the change.  Without change, everything stagnates, becomes still, and transforms into something solid.  Take the example of a pond whose spring dries up.  Without the running water, the change, the pond loses its ability to grow and nurture itself.  Eventually, the water dries up or soaks away, leaving Earth behind it.  Earth takes over, and grass and shrubs and trees grow on the bed of what used to be a pond.  Within a short time, anyone coming by the site will not recognize that a pond once was here. 

You humans are now going through this change.  And, it does begin with the water.  Pay attention to how the water is working to change the Earth in different parts of the world.  Be at peace with this!  All is well.      The January 2011 Magazine called “It Sounds Like…”  is now on our website   See my other blogs at

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