Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Archangel Michael–Heed The Calling



Dear Beloveds – it is taking time to awaken your ears and eyes to hear and to see my messages.  You may all feel like you are waiting for something.  Indeed, you are!  You are waiting for the call to make a change.  The process of shifting responsibilities in our realm is similar to the shifting of responsibilities when someone changes employee in your world.  There is some overlap, some training, and then the point of graduation that allows the new comer to have absolute control for what they do.

I have been working with my brethren to adjust responsibilities for  many aspects of Earth to St. Germaine and to others.  There is a time coming when the Legions of Michael are going to be required to be at full strength.  This sounds like we will be fighting – as in sword and battle.  This is not what I mean.  I mean that we will all need to be united in love that is unbreakable and all protecting.

To get to the point of unbreakable, many of you have much releasing of fears and hurts and grievances to do.  This means spending time meditating and releasing and examining that which works against you.  Transmute it! Begin today.

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