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Archangel Michael’s Symbols

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In 2004, a man by the name of Natara Jorg Loskant published a book in German called Healing Symbols & Mantras for Ascension – The Wisdom of Archangel Michael. In 2006, Findhorn Press published the English version of this book. Since 2007, the Angels have been guiding me to read this book. I am currently reading about the fifth mantra, AMYAKA.

The passage on AMYAKA begins with “This mantra brings balance. It resolves unsettled, unresolved communication and it sustains.” The mantra is for the Fifth Layer of the Earth which corresponds to the Throat Chakra in our chakra system. The symbol that works with this mantra is about clearing blockages in the body which no longer communicate with each other because they are in deep pain. Underlying all the clearing is the need to be free of pain.

When I read this, and the other words about flowing, I realized that most people cannot go with the flow because they are in too much pain. When one is flowing, one moves easily. When one is hurting, it is very difficult to move gracefully. Movements are jerky and perhaps, clumsy. People get frustrated because they lack the grace that they expect to have, and they become even more slow moving and pain filled. As they slow down, they become stiffer.

How do people cope? Many take drugs, one of the illegals or over the counter drugs or prescription drugs. Some drink. Others tune out with other addictive practices. In one course that I took, the instructor said that people do body piercing because the person is in so much paid and the poking and piercing causes additional or different pain that relieves the first pain. Each of these practices reduces the communication within our bodies, with those around us, and with our soul.

The solution to the problem? Well, one can work with the symbols in Archangel Michael’s toolkit. Sometimes, however, people simply need to say the truth of what they feel. It is funny! Parents teach us not to say what we think because we might hurt someone’s feelings, yet they say what ever they want to their children without any regard for the child’s feelings.

Do the symbols work in this guidance from Archangel Michael? I have done several mantras now, and used the symbols in meditation, and I can say, “Yes, they work for me.”

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