Sunday, January 9, 2011

Elementals–Working With the Legions of Michael


We are of the realms of the unseen.  Rather, most humans do not see us.  We work with Archangel Michael and his legions to keep the Earth in balance.  We work with his warriors to keep them in tune with the Nature cycle.  The cycle of the Earth, Sun, Moon, and all natural forces has been thrown off balance deliberately by man-made devices whose blueprints have been provided by beings who wish to use the resources of planet Earth for their own means. 

Elementals, together with the humans who are now working with us, are using our talents to undo the changes in water, air, and ground pollution from the noise vibrations designed to create disturbances in the natural vibrations.  Mankind feels these disturbances and becomes deeply disturbed, sometimes showing that disturbance in violent ways.

Elementals are soothing; we are wild magic that can do great things if we are supported and thanked.  We are pleased to be part of the Legions of Michael.

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