Monday, January 3, 2011

A TEACHING ON COMPASSION - from Archangel Michael and Legions

(Channeled on June 22, 2005)


  The question asked was, ‘please explain the coincidence of hearing in teaching today on Saint Germaine and Jesus, and the “I Am” teachings. Why does this confuse me?

Dearest one, when you feel confused and irate on behalf of a loved one, you are expressing love. One needs to step back to decide why this bothers you so much. Could it be that your own faith feels challenged? Or, is it because you feel that there will be controversy? Does it matter? Know that everything is perfect. People make choices that fit with their values, beliefs, and truths. You were others cannot judge them.

A lease your confusion and your need to clarify, in your mind, where you are going and why you are here. May hap this will help. Your friend and others are in the state of confusion that the world is experiencing at a core level. All people are feeling change and confusion. In an effort to quell the fear at the instability they are feeling, they are searching for a sure way to alleviate the fear. You have talked of ritual in the last few days. The ritual your friend experiences with her daily meditations or repetitive chants – not that we specifically use these words by choice – gives her the feeling that she has some control. Other people let things happen by chance, and as is required, without control. Some people simply need to feel the control of their circumstance.

You too do feel this from time to time in your projects. Mostly dull, you have learned to let go. Judge not your friends but do feel concern and compassion for them, as they are feeling more panicked about life in general. Continue as you are. We honour you and applaud your work on our behalf.

- Archangel Michael, Belauthrus, Silverthorpe, Jesus, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel, Alchimedius

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