Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Archangel Michael - Moving Forward, Not Giving Up


Dearest ones of divine light, I greet you.  This is an exciting time… the changes around the planet Earth, around each of you, are so enormous.  Many of you are seeing flashing lights or beams of light, and then you shake your head and tell yourself that you could not have seen it.  Yes, you are seeing more.  It is time for the new energies to appear.  If you have been doing your meditation practices, and allowing, then you will see much that is new. 

Some people will not be comfortable moving forward with all that is light and dark.  They will feel fear, and they will with draw.  When this fear strikes you, take a deep breath.  There is nothing to fear.  The ultimate change on Earth is to move from the Earth based body to the Light based body.  This is an easy change, especially if done with love and grace.  Therefore, let go of your fear. 

All warriors of light need to know that they are in a place where they may be moving forward without any guidance for a time.  In the time of changes, each warrior is Archangel Michael, Creator or God, and all things.  The Oneness will be more apparent each day.  You will feel more, see more, and understand more.   Open up your heart, and then your mind, and allow the light messages to come to you.  You may hear high pitched keening sounds.  This is simply the sound of light squeezing through dense material – much like the sound of drawing metal through a hole that is too tight. 

The power of the messages is hard to hold on Earth.  Do not be afraid of the power that comes to you.  Do see this as the most amazing time to “be”. 

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