Saturday, February 5, 2011

Archangel Raphael–Standing Firm


Greetings dearest beloveds, braver than so many, I greet you and honour you.  I watch as you face perils each day, and I marvel at the resilience that many of you have.  Some of you have been receiving calls about dear ones departing, or even friends not so close, who are leaving the planet.  You bless them with grace and you carry on.

It seems that I should have no need to say to you, “Stay firm in all that you do.”  I have seen that some of you will be swayed by those that you believe are greater than you, into doing things that are not of good and light and healing.  Even if someone tells you that it is for the highest good, if it does not feel right in your heart, than it is not for the highest good.

This is a planet where LOVE is the key to moving forward.  Greed, anger, hatred, revenge, manipulation, violence, and war have all been masquerading as the best thing that you can do for your country, or family, or self, to keep everyone safe and to keep the life that you have.

Dearest ones, I say to you, “Why do you wish to keep the life that you have? In a life of absolute love, life will be so much better!”

I work with healing and work with healers.  While all of you are natural healers, many of you do not pursue this talent.  When I work with the healers, I see all the disease that has been caused in this life that you have.  These dis-ease comes from man made causes.  Anything from manipulation of plants and trees and animals to the lack of care in disposing of waste, and the resulting contamination of water, air and soil.  This contamination then goes into your food system.

Again I say to you to STAND FIRM that you want a better life than what you have now.  A life where each of you is recognized for your unique gifts and where you will be free of dis-ease, illness, and hurts.  STAND FIRM in wanting a place where no one person’s agenda or a group’s agenda of greed puts masses at risk for loss of home and food.  STAND FIRM for food and shelter for all, for acceptance of all peoples and animals and beings.

This is the challenge going on right now for all of you – the challenge to be firm in your vision that something better may exist beyond what your governments tell you or your mass religions tell you.  Know that love does surround your planet.

I am your Archangel Raphael

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