Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spirit Speaks - Lord Sananda


Several nights ago, in a meditation circle, I felt a presence come in by my friend, June, and stand with us (she and I were sitting together).  I did not recognize the energy, however, I did realize that it was very loving.

When we were finished the meditation, I asked June who was there.  She replied, “Jesus”. 

That made complete sense to me.  Sometimes we know energies by different names.  Lord Sananda is an Ascended Master who is also called “Jesus” which was one of his lives on Earth.  Over time, different Ascended Masters have spent time on Earth to help raise the vibration of mankind.

While Sananda was meditating with us, several thoughts came through, with his gentle guidance.

1.  Nurture -  no one is going to take care of you on the Earth plane so you must do a great job of taking care of yourself. 

2.  Sorrow – what appears to be sad to you, and what appears to be unkind to you, is showing you areas of self that you need to work on.  These areas are places where you need to work on self forgiveness.

3.  Heal – this is the time to work on those things that ail you.  Know that you are not responsible for healing others who have not worked on their own healing.  When you work to clear something that causes you pain or illness, and when you are successful, those that need that same work will be sent to you for coaching. 

4.  Love – work to be in a place of constant love of the world and all that is in it.  This is the way of the Angels.    See for a listing of events and the February 2011 Magazine.  See our websites:

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