Monday, March 28, 2011

Archangel Michael – The Light Transforming


I am Archangel Michael, beloveds, and I share with you now that the light is moving at rapid speed around you, and it is transforming everything!

Beloveds, it is your time to be be awakened to all that is possible for you to do.  You are no longer limited by the control of others beliefs, thoughts, desire to compel you, or to control your actions with archaic demands. 

Do you notice that the birds and the animals and the fish and the insects move freely about?  They are connected to the All or the Universe or God, whatever you call it.  They have that sense of being entirely true to their nature.  It is not so with humans.

Humans have forgotten what their nature is, and, they have forgotten how to move freely. A large apartment complex with a security guard is simply another way of locking one’s self into a limited space.   We only need guards when we have fear.  Fear is something that seems to be taught to you everyday through mass communication of radio, television, and newspapers or magazines. 

We, the Angels, wish for you to learn discernment about what you read and hear.  This means that you question what is being told to you, and that you check to get other data to confirm or correct what is being told to you.

Transformation is beginning at the physical level on your world with the constant earthquakes – and yes, they are constant in many places.  Many of you simply do not hear about them.  At the emotional level, transformation is happening as you embrace love, and compassion, and generosity.  The outpouring of giving around Japan’s big earthquake shows that.  At an intellectual level, the transformation occurs when you feel that you have been in a fog, and now all is getting clearer.  And, at a spiritual level, you have a knowing that there is more to this world and others than leaders have shared with you. 

You are moving to becoming who you truly are!

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