Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Archangel Michael - Hold The Light


Dearest Beloveds, I greet you.  I see you standing in the cusp of the change, and the revolution of the Earth, as you know it.  Know that all of you are much adored because of the strength and the steadfastness that you show as a shining example to all around you.

Know, too, that you are the Warriors that I have chosen to help my work in this next strand of time.  This means that you may be called upon to work in various levels or dimensions, as they weave through different strands of time.  Time is not linear as you practice on Earth. 

What does a Warrior do?  For the next while, and again, I can give no meaning to time that you will understand, you may be called upon to teach, to hold the light, to protect those that are under attack from energies that is not for their highest good, and, you may be asked to travel to places to spread light and ideas. 

The idea of holding the light is like “keeping the faith”.  When light or faith are dying, humans will become weaker.  Some of you may feel like your bodies have changed so much that you are no longer the same human that you were before.  That is true.  It is also true that you are a being of light.  Can you be more than one label?  Yes – you can be healer and teacher and prophet and muse. 

Look at the changes with wonder and awe, and without fear.  The changes will make the world stronger.  Watch the changes squeeze out the dishonesty and betrayal that has gripped the planet.  It is not an accident that so many political upheavals and elections are now in play. 

When you feel low energy, or when you feel despondent, please call on me to come in and stand with you, and, if need be, ask me to protect your space while you gather your energies. 

I am pleased to work with each of you,

Archangel Michael

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  1. This is a wonderful post. I was wondering if you could elaborate on what it means to be "of the lineage." I don't quiet understand about Angels reincarnating on earth and how we are connected to Arch Angel Michael.

    Thank you,
    Love and Light!


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