Thursday, May 12, 2011

Archangel Michael -- Feeling The Love


Dearest Beloveds! So good to see you today!  I am showing you this picture because, overtime, humans have depicted me as this killing warrior who goes around slaying people and beings that do not follow this or that law. 

There are not any picture that I know of, of me, Archangel Michael, sitting with a group and teaching them.  There are not any pictures showing me as a guide, who literally walks in front of those that are lost, and who leads them to a safe destination. 

I have not seen any pictures of the work that I do with the Great White Brotherhood, or, with Ashtar’s command. 

I am so much more than the warrior depicted.  You, who are part of my “band”, are also so much more than simply warriors of light.  Feel the love that radiates from Source through me and through out the land.

The challenge right now for all of you is to allow all that you are to come through.  It is time to stop hiding what you remember and what you know.  It is time for little miracles.  What everyone believes is so far from what is real.  The beliefs were created, falsely, to divide human kind from Source (Goddess/God). 

All beliefs are generally selfish, and pander to the egos of those who feel the need to feel superior to others. 

Dearest Beloveds. Spend no time thinking about the concerns of others right now.  Spend time working through your truths and untruths.  Ask me to help you.  I am so willing!

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  1. It is interesting that you are talking about thinking for yourself. That idea has been coming up for me, even though I have a church and a belief system that I grew up with, and still follow. Why is this coming up now? Should I stop going to church?


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