Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Archangel Michael - Gathering To Learn


Greetings, Beloveds!  I am here to remind you that this is a time of great learning.  Yes, there is a lot going on, and many people are standing up as teachers to “show you the way”.  Be discerning about the teachers that you choose.  Some teachers are suitable for teaching one thing only.  Some teachers are suited for a person at a certain point in their life. 

If you are feeling disappointment with a teacher, the failing is not the teacher.  That person has agreed to a certain task.  Ask yourself if you followed the flow of life, or, did you follow the path of another?  Influence, peer influence, is as strong for adults as it is for children.

Part of the learning is to find your own way.  It is okay to take the learning that you need from a teacher and then move on.  Not everyone likes broccoli.  So, when broccoli is offered at a meal, half the people take it and half the people don’t.  You, too, can take half the teachings, and leave the other half.

When people insist that something be done a certain way, and this applies to some of the churches, then the teaching moves into doctrine.  This is the meaning of doctrine that I refer to:   a creed or body of teachings of a religious, political, or philosophical group presented for acceptance or belief; dogma – as defined in one of your dictionaries.  Doctrine does not mean universal truth.  It simply means that someone decided that it was the truth.

So my friends!  Take some time in learning and in discerning. 

All is well…. and you are all loved.

Archangel Michael

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  1. This is so true! I have had bad experiences with teachers. You do need to know something about the teacher.

  2. I am just deciding whether to work with a new teacher who says that she can teach me about Archangel Michael. I think I will spend a bit more time researching her.


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