Sunday, May 15, 2011

Archangel Michael - What You Need To See


Dearest Beloveds, welcome!  I am enjoying working with Judy on these short messages to you.  I love that I am pictured in so many ways.  The pictures are a tribute to the imagination and vision of each artist. 

What do I really look like?  Well, I am not sure because I am the light as are all of you.  The physical body that you chose for this walk on Earth is different than the body you had last time, or the time before. 

When you see me, you see what you need to see at that moment.  I know that some of you see me as human looking, with specific coloured hair, eyes, and carrying specific objects.  These are the tools that you need in the moment.  Some of you see me as waves of light, or as flashing blue lights.  It is all correct!

What you need to see is that simply be calling me, or any other angel, we can be there for you in the form that you require.  We cannot simply interfere in your life with out your permission.  It has been said many times, permission to participate with someone is a key natural law.  Forcing your will on someone else because you think it is in their best and highest interest, is simply a form of ego.  It is also an act of violence in that by interfering, you may slow their progress. 

Yes, all action is perfect.  The imbalances caused by ego will always eventually balance out and the natural pattern will always bring things back on track.  It simply may take much longer.  In some cases, the rebalancing may not happen before the person needs to leave the planet.  And, that is okay because the rebalancing simply carries on to the next lifetime.

So, the call to action is to have each of you look clearly around you, and see what you need to see, and then ask for help with what you are doing.  Call on me or on another angel or guide.  You do not need to journey alone.  Call on Source to be with you.  Let yourself move forward.

Be at peace,

Archangel Michael

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