Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Archangel Uriel Speaks - Feeling The Waves


In modern angelology, Uriel is identified variously as a seraph, cherub, regent of the sun, flame of God, angel of the Divine Presence, presider over Tartarus (hell), archangel of salvation, and, in later scriptures, identified with Phanuel "face of God." He is often depicted carrying a book or a papyrus scroll representing wisdom.  Uriel is a patron of the Arts. ~ from Wikipedia.

Dearest Ones.. The waves of energies will wash over the Earth beginning tomorrow, as the first of three eclipses changes the energies of the Earth.  

If you feel that you have shortcomings, that is, character flaws, physical flaws, career flaws, relationship flaws, and so on, then you will have each of these issues come up to look you in the face because they want to know “what are you going to do about me?”  And, be assured, that the “about me” is really about you!  What are you going to do about you?

The One Source is working with all of the Earth to get you to a place where you accept yourself and others just as you are – because you are all one.  This is a hard concept to internalize even though many of you talk about how everyone is related, and it is a small, small world, and even that you are all a global village.  The eclipses will put this into truth.

Enjoy the challenge!

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