Monday, May 9, 2011

Spirit Speaks - What Is A Lineage?


Dearest Ones, walking on the edge of tomorrow, and yearning for yesterday, I am amazed at you and I marvel at you!

When you all chose to be of the lineage of Michael, your choice gave you kinship with others of your kind, and you inherited the traits of the Archangel Michael.  This does not mean that he was your ancestor as this is what lineage in the earth tradition means. 

Instead, as ones who follow Michael’s ways, and, whose name may be translated as “who resembles God”, you have spent time in the light, in his presence, learning from him, working with him, and being of his school.  School is the easiest word to help you understand the group that you are with.

Michael has been called the leader of God’s army.  This has never made any sense to me since all things come from Source, what need has Source for an army?

Your lineage is about holding the light, and keeping to the center – not being extreme.  This takes much practice, and, it asks that you remember that you are more than the flesh.  The flesh is only the experience.

Dearest Ones!  You are all beautiful!


  1. This is a beautiful post. Thank you! How can I tell if I am of the lineage of Michael or another angel?

  2. This post makes me feel lonesome for something - like a family I have yet to meet. Is that what you mean by lineage?

  3. How does one determine their lineage? Is it something that our parents would know?


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