Monday, June 13, 2011

Angels Speak - The Passing Of Time


Yesterday, we celebrated my mother-in-law’s eightieth birthday.  It was a wonderful time!  Friends and family gathered to pay tribute to her eighty years.  The stories were funny and often, touching.

Later, when everyone was gone, the Angels tapped me on the shoulder, and said that it was a lovely gathering.  I had been thinking what it must be like to live to eighty years old, and I guess I formed it as a question because the Angels were coming in to answer.

The Angels told me that humans were getting longer lives so that they had the opportunity to finish all the lessons and to have the chance to get to the place of “no illusions”.  This means that people are getting to see through the illusions and to see the perfection of all beings.  To me, this means being without expectations of how things should be, or, of how things are.

They went on to say that there are other reasons, and that I could sit in meditation and talk about them, soon.  The hint being that I need to do more meditations.

Of course, the Angels can see the complete picture, and we cannot.  Still, I think that I like this explanation!

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