Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Archangel Raphael Talks of Solstice 2011


Most beloved ones, welcome this day, the day of solstice.  And, we still have the effects of the lunar eclipse.  What auspicious times you have chosen to be on this planet!  It is a time of change – in thought and in consciousness.

All that your Ancestors believed is mostly proven to be false.  And, so it is with you – many and I emphasize NOT ALL, of your beliefs will be shown to be false.  That, dear ones, is because all of you create your own reality.  Your perceptions of your life and the lives of others is so skewed to show “self” as the star, the judge and the jury, of what ever event is going on.  Whether you judge yourself or others, you are harsh.

This is the time – this solstice – that the harshness will begin to move out of you.  It is both a chemical and a cellular change.  Simply put, what you remember about interacting with others and your self will be purged.  In many cases, it is not a true memory as it has been planted by a form of mass hypnosis from about the fourth millennium before the birth of Christ. 

Where does this come from?  It comes from the “great mind” or universal consciousness.  However, that consciousness, as I mentioned, is now changing.  As this passes, you will be kinder to self, others, and the planet full of wonderful beings – animals, birds, insects, reptiles, fish, and multi celled creatures that are currently forming as other beings withdraw from the planet.

What might happen…

The wake of the solstice energy will cause many of you to feel edgy, ungrounded, and perhaps angry that what you felt was true now seems like a fairy tale.  When change happens, most humans don’t seem to take it too well.  We, the angels, would like to help with that.  Simply ask us to help you.  For those that do not seek help, watch them either withdraw into their own world.  This is a type of psychosis.  Others will get overtly angry and turn to a madness that may affect others before they are stopped or stop themselves when they realize what they have done.  These actions are not good or bad; they simply are!

What you can do…

When you feel yourself starting to fall into a space that seems unfamiliar, like the waves rocking under your feet while you stand on the floor of your office or kitchen, simply close your eyes.  Picture the happiest days of your life.  Come back to the moment and carry that feeling of well being.  Know that all is well, and it is perfect for this time!


Judy’s note:  Lunar eclipse shots 

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