Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Archangel Haniel - Think “Hearts”


Dearest beloved Ones of Light!  When you think that all is dark and dismal, think of pink hearts.  Hearts are all about love.  When you think that you are without love, then indeed the world seems cruel and attacking.  That is your ego mind talking to you!  Think love! 

It seems that the Earth, your world, has been in a constant state of strife in all the volumes of history that have been written.  Yet, there are many areas in the world that live peacefully, in love and harmony.  You do not hear about them.  When they are discovered, someone nearly always wants to go in to disrupt the peace.

When your world seems to be falling apart, think “hearts”, and then ask yourself why you think the world is falling apart.  Who told you that it is so?  If you think that that ‘voice’ is correct, then you are letting someone else determine your outcomes.  Decide for yourself.  What is the worst thing that can happen to you?  The correct answer is “there is nothing that is the worst thing because it is all part of the reality that you have chosen”.  And then think “hearts”.  Love is the biggest healer of all things. 

Love brings light.  It teaches you about yourself and others.  We the archangels bring you love each day.  Please take time to feel it!  Live in it!

Be at peace and let me love you,

Archangel Haniel

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