Monday, July 25, 2011

Archangel Michael - Going Forth In The Unknown


Dearest beloved ones, I, Archangel Michael greet you.  I come to speak with you because I can see the struggle that is going on with many of you – the struggle between accepting what is and being at peace with it, and the tempestuous times that are besetting the planet – affecting you and the people you know.  I can see that some of you are wanting to step into the situations that have developed, and take control.  You know and they don’t, or so you believe.

The Universe is not expecting you to make decisions for other people.  Concentrate on being in the now moment for you. There are many things for you to do to remove yourself from the unreal life that you now lead.  I say unreal because there is no reality when it is all being created by each of you.  I do not say that it is wrong.  It is what it is – a learning tool.

For those of you that say that it is time to give up, I say, “give up control!”  It is time – although time is also a constraint of control.  Life will continue on and you will be at ease.  Your intuition will be clearer.  You will see the world through all of your “other” senses.  Perhaps you will see my light in the space around you when I come to visit.

You no longer need to carry armour and weapons as I do in this picture.  Life is much changed.  The physical eruptions of volcanoes and earthquakes are the physical adjustments of time and space in the place called Earth.  Let yourselves be led by joy and wonder at all that is unfolding. 

Be at peace,

Archangel Michael

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