Monday, August 29, 2011

Angels Speak - Contemplate

The word “contemplate” means: 

  1. (v. t.) To consider or have in view, as contingent or probable; to look forward to; to purpose; to intend.
  2. (v. i.) To consider or think studiously; to ponder; to reflect; to muse; to meditate.
  3. (v. t.) To look at on all sides or in all its bearings; to view or consider with continued attention; to regard with deliberate care; to meditate on; to study.

I was surprised when this was the word that the Angels gave to me to work with today.  For me, contemplation is what I do all the time when I am thinking about a software problem, a writing issue, or a “how to” problem.  In fact, I think most people contemplate all the time.

The Angels laughed at me when I expressed this idea.  Their idea of contemplation is tied in with meditation, and thinking about God or Great Spirit, and wondering how to live one’s life more gently.  I have mentioned before that the First Law Of The Universe is “Harm No One”.  This is a tough one for humans to follow, especially those in religions that believe in annihilating all the non-believers.  Our training has been to be competitive and to believe in the survival of the fittest – Darwin’s theory.  We think that we must beat others down. 

The Angels are working with us to help us see that we are all needed to be part of life, and that we can grow to understand this idea through contemplation (or meditation).  The Angels work with individuals and with groups to have the idea of force and fighting removed from the consciousness. 

When we contemplate, we are in the present moment, and we will not need to resort to force to achieve an end.

May you have a wonderfully contemplative day!

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