Saturday, September 10, 2011

Archangel Michael Speaks – Feeling Abandoned

I  greet you, Beloveds.  I am here to tell you that your prayers, and pleas, and rantings,  have been heard in the heavens.  And so, I come to tell you that there is hope through all the doom and gloom.  I tell you that hope is not even required because it is not written that you will live in fear and misery unless you so choose.

I answer the question, “Why do I feel so abandoned?”  And, my answer is that you lose your connection to the light when you feel tired, or depressed, or angry, or fearful. You all have been doing a lot of being fearful the last while.

Being in fear takes you back to the times when you were a child – in all your lifetimes, and the feeling that you have been let down by everyone consumes you.  You fault your parents, your siblings, your grandparents, and even God, for leaving you alone to fend for yourself.

You now have that feeling of hopelessness that comes from feeling abandoned, and it rides through you.  I am here!  You have guardian angels.  You have guides.  No one has abandoned you – it is a trick of the mind. 

Move past this feeling and look at all that has been given to you.  This is not the sign of abandonment.  Even if you have no family, you are not abandoned.  Angels and beings of light do walk with you.  It is that you do not see or feel them, so feel alone. 

Often, your mind will try to make you feel insecure so that you will stay in the mind, and not look to work with the soul and the Spirit.  This is such a time.  The energy in the world is throwing your mind in to protection mode.  It wants you to retreat, to be fearful.  In this way, it can protect you – it thinks. 

In your mind, a litany of all the offenses against you, you the abandoned one, is played over and over.  You are the victim, and it is not right!  You hear this over and over.  What needs to happen is that you need to turn off that noisy, controlling mind.  Being in the light, in prayer space, or with good friends, or even in meditation, will take you from the dark side, to the side of the light. 

In lightness, no pun intended, you do not feel the heaviness that comes from feeling alone.

Fix this feeling.  Pretend that “being alone” is like a sliver.  And, when you have a sliver, you must pull it out or it will fester.  Find the place in your body where you feel the hurt of “being alone”.  Now, dig it out.  Sometimes it takes a long time to dig out a sliver.  Take the time and do it right!  Then, rub that sore area with the salve of love.  Do you feel better?  You should now be able to move past abandonment.

In love and joyfulness,

Archangel Michael

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