Wednesday, September 14, 2011

From St. Germaine – The Purple Flame Guides You


Dearest Beloveds, working through the difficulties of this energetic time, I greet you.  I come because it is a time of cleaning.  Some call me the house cleaner or the organizer because I like to have things neat and tidy.  I am not a box person, yet I do like to be able to find things and to be able to relate them to what I am doing. 

I see that trait in most of you – the need to categorize things.  I share with you that this is a time where things cannot be categorized in the way that you once thought they would be.  This is a time to be the student!  Be full of awe at all that is happening and find excitement in all the changes.  Look at what is going on and use it to be the foundation or the base for all upcoming experiences.  Wipe the past from your minds.  It is not valuable any longer.  I see this as a time of much newness for the Universe and all that is in it.  We do not have a charter for what is happening or what will be happening. 

The Earth is changing.  The economics of the Earth are changing.  The politics of the Earth are changing.  I hear some of you say that the economics and politics have always been there and always will be.  As you move more to the Oneness concept, and as telepathy becomes common, there will be little need to have politicians and rule making.  Gouging pricing and abnormal profits and behind the scene deals will not be possible.  Further, they will not be required.  There is not a need for wealth and power.  You will see.  It is such a startling concept that I doubt many of you can get your minds around it.  I went through many incarnations before I fully grasped the beauty of the system.

And, the whole concept of spreading ideas is changing!  It is enough to open other people’s thoughts to new concepts.  You no longer need to spread ideas that are full of rules.  So many people have invented ways to do healing, and the healing is full of rigidity.  “You have to do it this way…..”.  Or, “you are not doing it right….”.  Gentle people and yes, most of you are gentle, do you think that there are things that you can do wrong?   Edison says it best in his saying, “I found 999 ways that it did not work for me".  The “me” is key!  Things will work differently for each of you because of your individuality.  That is a wonderful thing!

So, let go.  Let go of wanting a system.  Let go of wanting control.  Let go of worry.  Let go of fear.  Let go and find fun!

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