Monday, January 9, 2012

Angels Speak - Revenge


Dearest Ones!  We delight in all that you do.  We see you take on tasks that seem to be impossible, and we see you make the world work.  We see that you have learned to fly higher and faster even though you do not have wings.  We see you have compassion for beings that cannot speak.

What we do not understand is your need to have “revenge”.  Revenge, from what we see is about inflicting punishment in return for some real or imagined injury or insult. Revenge is about “not love”.  Love does make the world go round.  Revenge is someone deciding to play Creator and change the course of another individual's life by deciding that they must “pay” for something. 

We say to you, would you want someone making decisions like this for your life?  Do unto others!  Revenge is really about temper – anger.  It is about not getting your way.  It is about interfering with the path of others.  Yes, you can say that it is your path.  However, in this life, each of you has a choice to make.  This life is about choices.  If revenge is your ch(joy)oice, then you will be on this treadmill of life for a long time. 

Enjoy life and do not seek revenge.  It will create more karma for you, and it will interfere with the love vibration.  We the Archangels tell you that it is so.

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