Sunday, January 15, 2012

Archangel Haniel – Finding Respect


Peace to all of you.  May you continue to walk in the light.  I come to you because of all of the prayers and requests for help with the theme of “no one respects me” or “I feel invisible”.  What you ask for is a form of healing – a healing of the energy that allows others to ignore you or to dis-respect you.  These two actions are not exactly the same thing.  They do, however, have the same feel for you and so you tend to lump them together.  Respect is about having positive feelings for someone else, or not.  If the answer is “not” then the other person may not be conscious of what is being said, and may say things that are not meant to hurt the receiver of the information.

Respect begins with one’s love of self.  If you see yourself worthy of respect, if you see yourself as loveable, then you will gain respect from most people.  For others, you need to work to earn respect, again remembering that respect is feeling positive about someone.

How do you teach respect?  You teach it by observing respect yourself.  Ask yourself these questions:

-do I admire the things that I do?

--do I honour myself for my accomplishments?

--do I say nice things to myself?

--do I repeat the good things that I do and applaud myself more?

Most of you will answer “no” to these questions.  Recognize that if you do not show yourself some respect, then you will not reinforce that respect in others.  It is something that you can learn on your own.  Others do not need to teach you.  It is about being conscious of what you think.

Be blessed,

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