Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Archangel Michael Speaks - Organization for 2012


Dearest loved ones, I come with thoughts for 2012, as many of you have asked me to do.  I have looked at Earth and all upon it for more of eternity than you can imagine.  All of you are so capable of rising to great heights to do such wonderful things. 

I see the people that organize the food to go out to homeless people in their own towns and cities.  I see the people that organize food to go to places where famine has hit.  The end goal is to feed people.  The tasks to put this together are so different.  And yet, they take great organization and coordination of people, and vehicles, and food providers, and even getting those who need the food, to be in the right place at the right time.

This time on Earth will be about organizing.  For individuals, it is about organizing your home and yard.  It is about knowing where you will have food and water stored as you need it.  It is about organizing time to get food and to keep things moving forward.  It is to know how to get to work and to get home.

For groups of neighbours, it is about organizing to help each other – to trust each other.  It is about watching out for the other person’s property which includes foods, and being mindful of what their schedule is.  It is about learning to do with less and therefore pooling what each of you have.  It is about growing and understanding together. 

For towns and cities, it is about organizing how to keep roads open when vehicles fail.  It is about keeping a passage available in case fire starts and help is needed to put it out.  Cities must organize how they will get people out of tall buildings, and keep the masses fed and watered.  All matter!  There is not anyone who does not matter.  Each has a gift that they can offer to others.

In the country, people must organize around villages and farms.  There is safety in numbers for food, for protection from unusual weather or natural disorder.  As animals act in unusual ways, people may need help in understanding the purpose of the behaviour.  Organizing food for animals, and shelter for animals too, will be important.  Think to the time of the volcano in Iceland for examples of bringing in tame and wild animals to protect them.

Organizing means that some planning must be done.  It means that everyone must look at what they have and decide if there is “stuff” that they now must get rid of to make room for things that will be more important for life.

If you need help in organizing your thoughts, your life, or your path, then call on us.

Archangel Michael


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  1. Thanks for this post. I have been feeling like I need to clean closets, and I never do that! I was going through the internet and found this post. Have a good one!


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